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Tourist attractions in the area

Tellaro - Lerici - Sarzana - Lunigianna

The nearest village is Lerici. Lerici can easily be reached with the bus from Tellaro (ca. 15 minutes) or by car. The impressive yacht harbour with the Castello forms the village centre. Boat trips starting from here to Portovenere, Chinque Terre, Portofino and Genoa.
Lerici itself has lots to offer. A cinema, a variety of cultural happenings at the Piazza and the promenade, the alleyways with their typical small shops. Or a visit to the Castello, in which many different exhibitions to various topics take place.
Lerici is also the next main transport centre where various public transports are operating regularly to Tellaro, La Spezia and Sarzana.
Whether with bus or car, Sarzana is well worth a visit. The city, first mentioned in 963 AC, is built around the Castello and the old town, surrounded by the old city walls, is a treasure trove of small workshops, businesses and offers Italian everyday life purely. Bars and restaurants contribute to the alive life till the deep evening hours.
The mountainous landscape above Tellaro is well worth a visit by car. The small town of La Serra offers a breathtaking view over the bay, from La Spezia as far as Portovenere. Tellaro is a speck at the foot of the mountain. Further along the road is the Parco Naturale, with wooded mountains. Just after the town of Montemarcello, is another view over the Magra valley stretching over the Lunigiana plains as far as the Apuan Alps and, to the south-west, Massa and Carrara.
The Apuan Alps are a popular attraction themselves, with countless Marble quarries. The best time to visit is undoubtedly the weekend. On the one hand the heavy transport can be avoided, no lorries carrying massive marble blocks on the close mountain routes into the port of Carrara, in the other hand the quarries themselves are not at work and can be viewed unsupervised from much closer.
To visit the nearby towns La Spezia, Genoa, Lucca, Parma, Carrara, Viareggio and Pisa you should allow at least a day each.
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Distances, from Tellaro to various towns as below.
Tellaro < — > Lerici
3 km
12 km
12 km
  La Spezia
14 km
100 km
70 km
125 km
25 km
50 km
80 km
Lerici Harbour and Castello
Lerici Harbour and Castello
View from Serra to Tellaro
View from Serra to Tellaro
The Magra Tal, Lunigianna and the Apuan
The Magra valley, Lunigiana and the Alpi Apuanee
A Marble quarry in Carrara

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