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Holiday apartments to let in Tellaro

Tellaro, south of Ligurien on the border to Toscana, lies together with Lerici
and San Terenzo on the romantic coast “Golfo dei Poeti”. Opposite to the gulf is Portovenere. This is the beginning of the Chinque Terre with its famous places Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore and Levanto.
Contrary to other famous places, Tellaro has always remained quiet and set back, although recently being presented with the award "Borgo tra i cento più belli d'Italia", placing it amongst the 100 most beautiful villages in Italy.
No overloaded tourist boats in the small harbour, Sightseeing buses don’t find their way over the snaking mountain roads. Tellaro is the quintessential Italian village with its narrow alleyways and passages - a labyrinth to explore and discover.
In the middle of this picturesque, historical Course quarter can be found the two Apartments of Eliseo Cabani. Lovingly restored, with the artfulness and bold style that can only be found in Italian architecture, the apartments offer a relaxed and friendly retreat from the stress of our everyday life.
The larger apartment has a generous roof terrace offering a panorama view from Tellaro and the bay, to Portovenere and the islands Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto. This is the domain of those guests wishing for a relaxed and quiet atmosphere. Bathers can take advantage of the numerous secluded sand and pebble beaches along this stretch of coastline. The nearest edge of bathing with service and comfort in Fiascherino is distant approx. 800 meters from the apartments. Further bathing beaches, partially quite exclusively, find you the whole coast along.
Port of Tellaro
The port of Tellaro
Ecoo dell mare
Eco Del Mare

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